Double Wall

Double Wall

A unique experience

Seda Double Wall – Triple the pleasure

A hot drink ritual can bring great pleasure, even on the go, if care is devoted to ensuring the drink keeps warm, retains its full flavour and is easy and practical to consume.

Building on a history of functional innovation dedicated to improving the consumer experience, Seda developed, patented and launched the Double Wall cup, conceived to satisfy every aspect of the consumer desire for delicious hot drinks on the go.


Three pleasures in one: drinks that stay at the right temperature, keep their full taste and can be savoured without burning your hands.


First cup with an air chamber between two layers of cardboard for effective thermal insulation.


There have been several attempts to imitate the Seda Double Wall cup over the years. Invariably unsuccessful, they’ve only served to increase its success and reputation for unmatched features and performance, thanks to the unique patented air chamber that covers the entire surface of the cup.


Consumers love the Seda Double Wall cup’s practicality, safety, good looks and insulating capacity, which keeps their drinks and meals hot without burning their hands.


Double Wall is sought-after for its innovative technology and quality materials, which enable excellent print quality. This supports effective communication, reinforces brand identity and offers flexible customisation with promotional codes and coupons.