Quality & Product Safety

Quality & Product Safety

Excellence at every step

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At Seda, quality starts with our people and extends through state-of-the-art operating processes, technologies, laboratories and infrastructures. For us, quality means satisfying our customers’ needs by creating products that meet and exceed legislative requirements. Consistent product quality and safety is ensured by constant monitoring, inspection and auditing at all Seda facilities, by adopting standardised procedures and by sharing best practices.

Rigorous supplier selection
and control

Our suppliers undergo a strict and detailed selection process which includes thorough investigation of their operating processes and procedures, together with the quality systems they implement to ensure all the materials they supply comply with the relevant standards and legislation.

In addition, all incoming raw materials are checked in our own laboratories prior to entering the production cycle. It’s not a legal requirement, but at Seda it’s standard procedure.

Uncompromising product safety

Our product safety standards exceed and often anticipate international food safety requirements.

We have, for example, decided to eliminate a number of materials and substances from our products, even though permitted by law, to ensure maximum protection of the environment, consumer health and our customers’ brands.

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