At Seda, quality starts with people and is then enhanced through operative processes. The ongoing professional development of our employees allows us to achieve the vital and delicate objective of absolute quality.

For us, quality is about focusing on the clients’ needs and creating products that meet and exceed all legislative requirements. Quality also means building a culture of superior Customer Service that encompasses all the production processes.


Understanding clients’ demands, being attentive to each requirement and constantly monitoring processes are the keys to delivering excellent levels of quality. That’s the only way to achieve the objective of creating bespoke packaging solutions that fully satisfy the needs of end consumers.

Ongoing monitoring is an important part of guaranteeing outstanding quality.

Constant monitoring of all production phases

Monitoring all production phases ensures that client’s requirements are fully respected and shared throughout the production process.
We constantly check our products to always guarantee the maximum quality level. This method has proven to be much more effective than performing a single quality check at the end of the production process.

We carefully choose the suppliers we work with

We ensure the quality of our services and raw materials by subjecting suppliers to a meticulous selection process, in order to make sure that only guaranteed raw materials enter our production cycle. All raw materials are checked via stratigraphic analysis when they enter the production cycle. All components in the packaging are taken into account, while supplier documentation is checked and conformity with legislation in Europe and America is also ensured. These dual checks on procedures and raw materials provide an absolute guarantee of safety.

Production uniformity checks

By standardising production processes, validating our technology and sharing best practises across all our facilities, we make sure that each product we produce is identical to the previous one, ensuring that our clients have business continuity at all times, regardless of where they are based.